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JAH EL' Ministerial Consulate

Our Nonprofit Efforts include

JAH EL' School of Ministries

Clergy CDC - Comfort During Crisis

Unveiled Faces Humanitarion Initiative 

We work diligently to provide tangible goods, spiritual & emotional support, and training & mentorship

catered specifically to needs of the community.


Please consider how you can help, and get in touch today with any questions.

... ways you can always help


After Surveying the homeless to see how we can better assist them from homeless to housed - 

We are currently seeking bulk in-kind donations of the following items for our homeless Harvest Project - Unveiled Faces Humanitarian Initiative:

  • Trash Bags - in an effort to encourage cleaning in homeless encampments

  • Non perishable foods ie. cases of Vienna Sausages, Fruit Cups, Fruit & Grain Bars, Protein Bars etc.

  • Rain Ponchos

  • Rubber Shoe Covers

  • Back Packs, Small Totes on Wheels

  • Emergency Life Tents

  • Feminine Cleansing Wipes, Waterless Feminine Cleansing Sprays, Sanitary Products 

  • Foot Powders

  • Shower Bags, Shower Bags, Shower Bags

  • Seasonal Stater Plants and Seeds - Fruits, Herbs, Vegetables

  • Collapsible Water Bottles 

  • Mini Flash Lights, Solar Lights

  • Batteries - AA, AAA

  • First Aid Kits

  • CPR Manikins & Training Material to better equip staff/volunteers during engaging

  • Cases of Gildan Safety Green, Safety Orange Shirts for the homeless - all sizes

  • Emergency Alarms

  • Diapers - all sizes

  • Rubber Gloves

  • Solar Radios

  • Hardcover Journals and Pens -for the homeless who wishes to document their stories

  • Tarps 

  • Blank Solid Color Handkerchiefs


(things can come up "missing" using delivery/postal services...

Donations can be sent with (request for signature upon delivery) to:

My Help for the Harvest

Care of Unveiled Faces Humanitarian Initiative

2920 Meramec suite #27194

Saint Louis, Missouri 63118 please request signature

or call (314-240-6746) to arrange pickup of bulk items 

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